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What is HCI/d?

At Indiana University, we aim to transform individuals who will shape the future of human computer interaction/design. Our unique program is positioned carefully between academic research and industry oriented design skills. The program is tailored to impart critical thinking by building core academic foundations, which shapes thoughtful individuals who stand at the forefront of Human-Computer Interaction. IU’s HCI/d program was the first in the U.S. to emphasize design as an equal partner to HCI. This original vision blends with current trends in technology, business and innovation to lay the groundwork for students to grow rapidly into sought after design leaders.


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Cohort Culture

We carefully select students from various countries, backgrounds and cultures to form a multidisciplinary cohort which goes on to become a tightly knit community of designers.

We take pride in our diverse group of students. Ideally, we construct a strong cohort that emerges out of the program with a well-rounded design education with a bedrock of HCI theory and technical skills.

At IUB HCI/d, our students don’t compete with each other, they work together to make everyone stronger.

Our Curriculum

HCI and design have intermingled for decades, with more aesthetic and studio-based practices influencing technical labs and vice-versa. Our program accelerates this two-way relationship. As a result, HCI/d blends social science, creativity, and technology.

Student Work

Our students are recognized at major international conferences, such as CHI, the biggest conference in our field. Our students regularly compete in, and win or place in international design competitions, including CHI, HRI, and others.

Career Paths

Our students are endowed with design thinking skills as a natural outcome of a strong cohort and critical thinking skills. As a result, they go to become design leaders, research leads, product leaders and hold high level strategy positions.

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