Eli Blevis

Professor (HCI/d), Director HCI/d MS PhD

Travis Brown

Senior Executive Assistant Dean of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Technology Commercialization (HCI/d, Strategy)

Christina Chung

Assistant Professor (Health)

James Clawson

Assistant Professor (Health)

Kay Connelly

Kay Connelly, Professor (Health)

Hamid Ekbia

Professor (HCI/d, Political Economy)

Dana Habeeb

Assistant Professor (Health)

Akesha Horton

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Andy Hunsucker

Visiting Lecturer (HCI/d), Associate Director of HCI/d MS

Apu Kapadia

Professor (Security)

Christena Nippert-Eng

Professor (Computing, Culture, and Society CCS, Animal-Computer Interaction ACI)

Sameer Patil

Assistant Professor (Security)

Selma Šabanović

Associate Professor (Intelligent Interactive Systems IIS, Computing, Culture, and Society CCS, Human-Robot Interaction HRI)

Patrick Shih

Assistant Professor (Health, Animal-Computer Interaction ACI)

Katie Siek

Professor (Health)

Erik Stolterman

Professor (HCI/d, Design Theory, Experience Design)

Norman Makoto Su

Associate Professor (HCI/d, Ethnography)

Jennifer Terrell

Senior Lecturer (Computing, Culture, and Society CCS)

Kate Wehner

Adjunct Instructor (Information and Library Sciences ILS)